Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the extraordinary in everyday life

If I could I'd work without regard to real life obligations, my spirit joyful for being able to show what I see but without your collaboration and investment I could share this with no one. You my clients make it real. You allow me into your hearts and minds and the soul of your family, an honored guest at the banquet of your life and I am beyond grateful.

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I try to always reflect this gratitude in what I do. For those that read my blog or follow my work you know that I am short on words often times borrowing the words of others that represent what the portrait I am posting means to me, posting nothing but an image and a simple quote.

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Every portrait really tells its story, and because of you and your investment in my business I am able to let my work speak for itself and for your children. These portraits I take of your children will be there in your home when they are grown for you to look back on and see the wonder of childhood, to see the person they were and who they still are, that is an investment worth having made.

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Photographing children for me is the essence of pleasure through simplicity, truth meets moment, and magic. As they live it, I get to see again and again the extraordinary in everyday life, in portraits painted by light using my camera to capture childhood as it happens™

claire wise photography nashville tn nashville children's photographer 10 blog

Each portrait is a waking dream of the rising and falling of laughter and butterflies in the garden and whispers of sunbeams through rustling trees of holding hands and best friends walking away with bare feet in beach sand and wishes blown through dandelions.

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Whenever you trust me to shoot, share or store a moment as rare and precious as these. I truly thank you - the best way I can with images that reflect your children who they are in that moment.